For our young people, for our future.
Grab your phone, grab a bike and let’s roll.
Your journey starts here…

Revolution x Jigsaw is a virtual cycle challenge to ensure that our
children will have access to the mental health services and supports
they deserve. Wherever you are, whatever age you are, whether
you are a cycling pro or just taking off your stabilisers, you too
have a part in this Revolution.

Meet the Captains

Revolution x Jigsaw is led by four amazing people, our Captains, who are passionate about supporting our young
people. They have a massive ambition, they want to get Ireland cycling 100,000kms and raising
€100,000 for Jigsaw by World Mental Health Day, Saturday 10th October. Our Captains have
selected their challenge, now they need you to join with them.


Stefanie’s Challenge, cycle 100kms and raise €100


Gary’s Challenge, set your own limits

How it works…

Simply choose a challenge that works for
you.  Then get on your road bike, gym bike,
chopper, whatever. Cycle at home, to work,
in the gym or on the road. Cycle on your own, with friends,
family, classmates, colleagues or club mates. Everyone
has a part to play in Revolution x Jigsaw.

Learn More.


Total raised to date…

We’ve come a long way… but there’s still a journey ahead, join the
Revolution, participate, donate, do what you can, for the future of
Ireland’s young people.


Distance cycled to date…

The Revolution continues… and we all have a part to play! Join the
Revolution, hop on that bike, & let’s add some kilometres to the cause,
to realise our the ambitious target of 100,000kms cycled!

We are Jigsaw, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health
& we want you to start your journey with us at Revolution x Jigsaw.

Revolution X Jigsaw