Meet Anne, our Revolutionary!

We caught up with one of our fab Revolution x Jigsaw supporters Anne Baenziger and asked her about her experiences of her Revolution Challenge. 


Why did you get involved with Revolution x Jigsaw? I got involved because I care about youth people and I cycle, so it was a no brainer. I work with teenagers in my job & know they (like all of us) need support for our mental health. And I really enjoying commuting via cycling, so I thought why not clock my kms to put them to good use. 


Do you think cycling can have a positive impact on your mental health? Yes, definitely! I feel more refreshed, awake and energised when I cycle. I think the fresh air does a lot of good for me and also the time/space to think while cycle is different than driving, getting the train, etc. because you’re in the fresh air, hearing the sounds around you, taking in nature & your environment.  


How have you found the fundraising? The fund-raising has been slow but Jigsaw have done a brilliant job with an easy process of getting the iDonate page set up for me, given me tools to help promote the campaign & have communicated with me to let me know they’re there to help. Hopefully in the next few weeks, the rest of my goal amount will come in, I think it’s about reminding people every little bit counts & promoting the need for teens to have supports available to them when they need them for their mental health.  


How have you found the cycling? Any tips for fitting it into your day? Since I already cycle, I’ve found clocking them interesting to see how much I actually do it and even taking pictures of what it’s like to commute via bike in Dublin has been great craic. I think again, every little bit helps, so even instead of going for walk in the evening, hop on your bike or going down the road to the shop, get on the bike. Especially over the weekend, you can do a bit more & push yourself to get more kms cycled. 


Any advice for people who have signed up but are yet to get started? I’d say, it’s a way to get back on your bike if it’s been a while or you haven’t cycled before. All of it’s for a great cause that we all know is so needed so why not go for it! 


What social media have you used? Have you had a nice response? I’ve used Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I’ve got a great response on all of them, I think most of my donations have come from Facebook and Twitter posts. A few people have mentioned, “I knew you cycled but you’re really doing it now aren’t you?” haha, promoting Jigsaw & benefits of cycling all in one go! 🙂 


If you would like to join Anne in taking on a Revolution x Jigsaw Challenge, simply Click Here

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