Meet Darren, our Revolutionary!

We caught up with one of our fab Revolution x Jigsaw supporters Darren Lynch and asked him about his experiences of her Revolution Challenge. 


Why did you get involved with Revolution x Jigsaw? 

We have a silent crisis in this country where young people are suffering more and more from anxiety. According to Mental health Ireland, one in six people will experience a mental health issue.  

I myself am a secondary school teacher and have been looking to do something for charity for a while now. A friend of mine had done some work for Jigsaw over the years and then I saw a post about Revolution.  


Do you think cycling can have a positive impact on your mental health? 

Cycling is vital to my own mental health. It clears the mind, allows you to be in the moment. We all remember those memories of the pure joy and exhilaration we experienced on our first bike. That inner child still lives in us all and I believe cycling, whether it be road, trail, BMX, is a chance to be that kid again.  


How have you found the fundraising? 

Fundraising is pretty new to me but I have to say that so far I have been blown away by the response. People are great and have a genuine interest in the topic of mental health. I’ve ended up having great discussions with people, all on the back of the campaign Jigsaw started. It’s been great.  


How have you found the cycling? Any tips for fitting it into your day? 

I’ve tried to get out on the bike whenever I can. Grabbing an hour in the evening after work can be difficult, especially after a tough day and with the evening light fading.  

I found planning the spin in advance and laying out gear for when you get home to be motivational for me. Don’t let your backside hit the couch! Get on the bike as soon as you can and do what’s achievable. Basically little and often works for me, 15km – 30km spins. Then aim for a longer spin on the weekend. I also find having a partner or group to ride with helps for motivation.  


Any advice for people who have signed up but are yet to get started? 

As I said above, ask a mate to sign up too! Nothing like a text and a call from an eager and willing friend to get you up and out.   


What social media have you used? Have you had a nice response? 

I’ve used Instagram and Facebook to share my donation page. I’ve found both to be effective. 


If you would like to join Darren in taking on a Revolution x Jigsaw Challenge, simply Click Here

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