Meet Janette, our Revolutionary!

We caught up with one of our fab Revolution x Jigsaw supporters Janette Strickland and asked her about her experiences of the Revolution Challenge. 


Why did you get involved with Revolution x Jigsaw?

I got involved in Revolution X Jigsaw because mental health is something I’m very keen to raise awareness about. I work with teens I know how vitally important these services are and will be in the future. The more we highlight it the better, I was in from the start!

Do you think cycling can have a positive impact on your mental health?

Absolutely! I’ve got a running background and when I was injured cycling was a huge help for me, mentally and physically. I love the outdoors and I’m very lucky that I live beside a big park so there’s nothing more enjoyable to me then getting out on the bike and clocking up the milage, and being in my favourite place at the same time.

How have you found the fundraising? 

Fundraising has been very good so far, friends have been very supportive and very generous. We’re halfway there already!

How have you found the cycling? Any tips for fitting it into your day?

I’ve found the cycling great so far, it’s not without its challenges, still figuring out gear changes etc, much to the amusement of some friends :)) but it’s been really good. Most of my training is done in the morning after I’ve done the school drop off it’s the best way for me and I think everyone finds a way that suits them. My tip would be to look at your schedule for the week ahead and slot in the times that you know you’ll have free for sure and that way its a lot easier, each week varies and bring a friend for company

Any advice for people who have signed up but are yet to get started? 

Go for it! It’s just the best feeling knowing you’re helping to raise much needed funds and getting fit at the same time. You won’t regret it

What social media have you used? Have you had a nice response?

I’ve used Facebook and Instagram and yes I’ve had a very nice response to my challenge. People are always happy to get behind a good cause and show, support and encourage you.

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