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Exercise and my mental health

Oct 04th 2019
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Exercise for me has always been a big influencer to escape the daily stresses or to think about what’s the next step. I got used to exercising by myself in college and going for solo runs and cycles along the greenway but it always helped when I had the company of others even if we did a bit of the session together it brought great encouragement to keep going and get through the session. A track session is always tough but I find it a great distraction as all your concentrating on is getting to complete the set and when I do seem to always feel better about myself. I know my sport is quite individual however I’m lucky to be a member of trilogy triathlon club and they are great a club for the chats on the bike and coffee stops or to encourage you to go out on those rainy and cold day I always feel better after. When I can’t exercise I find it tough this year just before the Revolution X Jigsaw campaign took off I injured my foot I took the extra time I had to meet up with friends I lost contact with from being away from home going for coffees and treats catching up with friends for coffee or watching a movie with friends to pass time is always nice. I think your mental health Is as important as looking after your heart we make decisions every day to try live our best lifestyle whether it be eating the right food or going for a walk to help with our overall health. We are able to discuss health problems no problem with others and physical injuries, I think this campaign is great for getting the awareness of Jigsaw and their facilities out there for dealing with mental health as maybe next time your friend will open up to you about their struggles and you’ll be able to point them in the right direction in the same way you’d tell them to go to the doctor. Definitely for me anyways, I wouldn’t be as fast as my friends when it comes to swimming cycling and running but when I feel that it’s my own personal accomplishment is what counts not what other people think. Social media has a big influence in relation to exercise especially Instagram on how you look in the gym. I think if you can get comfortable in your own skin and the training you do gets you that little bit closer to the goal you want to achieve or releases those endorphins post training you have achieved a great thing. What you tell yourself everyday has a big influence the “ I can “ and “I can’t” are big influencers when it comes to training if you are struggling keep telling yourself you can and without even releasing the legs will move a bit faster and you’ll get up that hill or reach that finish line. If you would like to learn more about how you can support your own mental health, visit ww.jigsawonline.ie The funds raised from Revolution X Jigsaw go directly to support the ongoing development of www.jigsawonline.ie

What One Good Adult means to me…

Sep 20th 2019
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Why do you feel youth mental health is important?

In my opinion, I feel that mental health is very important. The difficult thing about mental health is it can’t be seen as it's not physical like an injury. For example, if someone broke there leg they are put in a boot for six weeks and it's clearly seen, people ask how it is? how’s a recovery? And are in tuned to what’s going on. For mental health, I think we all have good days and bad days and struggle to identify sometimes how we feel. If you pull your hamstring or something, you’ll tell people quicker or if your sore from a gym session you’ll say it without a thought. When it comes to mental health it’s easier to cover up. I think the more awareness and the more we talk about mental health will make the great importance of mental health more of a normal thing to discuss. Hopefully we will someday come to the stage where we can talk more openly about our own mental health to family and friends.

When you were younger did you have a supportive adult in your life? What difference did they make?

When I was younger, unfortunately, I was bullied in secondary school. I was unlucky in the fact that the school didn’t handle it appropriately. I was lucky enough to have my mam to help me through that time and in the end, I had to move school. From this time I gained great friends that I still have now from moving the school and had the opportunity to go to college from this school that led me on the pathway to Athlone were at this stage the friends I made there I know I will have them for life and look forward to graduation with them.

Have you had a ‘One Good Adult’ moment since captaining a Revolution team? Tell us about it.

Since the campaign has started I’m surprised at the number of people that have contacted me about the campaign. The great thing about cycling is it’s a great way to have a chat and on the spins, I go with its usually involves a stop for coffee. Since I’ve finished college the straight line that I thought existed similar to what I said in my video and not knowing what to do after college, I find myself in that situation now but after going for cycles and catch up with friends involving the campaign I found out that I’m not the only one struggling to figure out what to do this year and that’s settling that we can help each other this year and try figure things out.

How I set my goals…

Sep 06th 2019
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I have always set goals for myself in school college and in sport. I have always been a big fan of lists so for example studying for the leaving cert I would set realistic study goals to get a number of things covered that day. This always gave me a great sense of achievement and not to panic as I had a goal to cover all the subjects and topics in a realistic time frame.   Then for college it was always about getting as much study done in reading week. This is the week prior to exams and the panic would set in as in my case continuous assessment would always clash with the time you had planned to study. Somehow, I seemed to manage by making a goal to achieve certain subjects in the day I would treat it as if it was a working day taking short breaks throughout the day and giving myself a realistic time frame to get the subjects covered. I would train in the mornings to wake myself up and then have the evening off to go training again to clear the head and get the body moving after sitting all day. However, I don’t think I managed to get this right until 4th year of college as I would get sick every week of exams struggling to sit the exams due to illness. I think I learnt to take it a bit handier coming up to exams with training as I think you forget how the added stress of studying adds to the stress on your body.    If I didn’t achieve one of the goals I set, I can’t lie I will be very disappointed, and I always blame myself even if the reason for failing to achieve the goal wasn’t my fault but this is because I’m intrinsically motivated so I will always reflect on my own actions. Once time has passed I will realise that what’s for you won’t pass you and now at the stage I’m at now having the goal of completing a masters in some line of work that’s what keeping me going.   As part of the Revolution x Jigsaw I hope to get as many friends family and young people involved as I think it’s a great incentive to raise awareness for youth mental health as well as getting into the habit of exercise especially as the weather gets worse and the evenings gets darker it's great to have a goal that you have to keep pedaling. I know that my distance and challenge is quite daunting however like studying I have broken down the kms into the weeks goals to help achieve them by World Mental Health day on the 10th of October. 

Hi, I’m Róisín and my journey starts here…

Aug 19th 2019
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Hi I’m Róisín and I’m from Portlaoise.  I first got involved with Jigsaw last year when I signed up for the Giro D’Jigsaw cycle.  I had seen an advert on Facebook about it just before I was heading on holidays to Prague with friends.   While over in Prague I heard of the passing of my classmate, so the minute I got home in July I applied for the Giro. It was the most amazing experience, the people that are involved in Jigsaw are inspiring, motivational, encouraging couldn’t recommend the involvement with this charity more.  So being asked to be a Revolution x Jigsaw captain is unreal. I am so excited about Revolution.   It means I can be back cycling and getting my friends and family involved more by pedaling with me.  All for Jigsaw, which is such a great cause, and meeting and supporting new people along the way will be brilliant. Cycling is such an amazing activity that any age can partake in. With cycling you can be any type of fitness ability you just have to keep going which is great as it acts as a mental challenge also as you are exposed to all the wonderful weather elements that Ireland provides. However, with the Revolution you can take part by cycling a spinning bike, watt bike or turbo in a controlled environment, or on the road, opening up this Revolution to even more participants.  If I can do it, then anyone can do it! I’m far from talented or fit and if that’s how you feel you’ll surprise yourself if you are driven and want to achieve goals you can set your own target distance. It isn’t a race your only against what you think you can achieve yourself and all you need to is try and the best part is the endorphins and happy hormones are abundant with an event like this and the people you will meet along the way are fantastic. It is one thing you definitely won’t regret signing up for.  So come on, join my team, take my challenge. Róisín

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