How it works

Revolution x Jigsaw is a virtual cycling charity challenge to raise vital
funds and awareness to support Jigsaw, the National Centre for Youth
Mental Health.

Starting on 19th August 2019, the aim of Revolution is to
get Ireland cycling 100,000kms and raising €100,000,
for Jigsaw by 5pm on World Mental Health Day, Thurs 10th October.

Revolution is led by four amazing Captains, each with a different
challenge option to help you, help us, achieve our ambitious aims.
Simply select the Captain and Challenge below that suits you best.

When you sign up, you will get your very own Revolution x Jigsaw
campaign page where you can raise funds with your friends, family
colleagues and classmates. The page is integrated with Strava,
so you can log the kilometres you cycle on the road, in the gym,
at home, at school or wherever works for you.

So come on, join the Revolution,

your journey starts here…

Join the Revolution…
Select the Captain & Challenge that suits you best

Stefanie’s Challenge, cycle 100kms and raise €100


Gabriel’s Challenge, cycle 250kms and raise €250


Róisín’s Challenge, cycle 500kms and raise €500


Gary’s Challenge, set your own limits

We are Jigsaw, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health
& we want you to start your journey with us at Revolution x Jigsaw.

Revolution X Jigsaw