The impact

We are Jigsaw, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health and we
want you to start your journey with us at Revolution x Jigsaw.

Who will you cycling for?

We all have our own story, our own reason for cycling, and now we are asking, will you cycle for Jigsaw?

At Jigsaw we act early. We create a turning point for the young people we support, helping them to develop the tools to prevent a tough time spiraling into future problems and eventually a tough life.  We know our approach works.

But it is simply not enough. We need to do so much more.

As we all know, all our mental health has been impacted by the current covid crisis, but especially our young peoples mental health. The number of young people needing our help is growing, and it will continue to grow into the future.

As last year proved, the future is unpredictable, but this Revolution can ensure we are prepared to face it together.

Here is just a small insight into some of the supports that Revolution x Jigsaw  made possible in 2020: 

  • 23,000+ one-to-one sessions with young people 
    • 6,764 via phone 
    • 5,157 via video 
    • 12,112 in-person 
  • More than 1,500 contacts were received by our new dedicated helpline, 1800 Jigsaw 
  • More than 12,000 teachers signed up for our online courses which has enabled them to support their student’s mental health during this pandemic  

Jigsaw saved my life…

“As a teenager I received the mental health support I needed. The work we did together has helped make me who I am today and I strongly believe that every young person should be able to access that kind of help.”

We are asking you now, can we count on you? Cycle for yourself, for those you love and for every young person in Ireland.

Please join our Revolution now. 

Who will you cycle for?

With your help, and that of thousands of other kind and caring people right
across Ireland, we can and will achieve our vision of a future in Ireland
where every young person’s mental health is valued and supported.
We work towards this vision in three ways;

1. We Influence Change

We engage with policy makers and politicians to
inform their decisions and advocate for better
mental health supports for young people.

2. We Strengthen Communities

We also work with communities to start conversa-
tions, encourage understanding and increase
knowledge about youth mental health.

3. We Provide Services

We provide mental health information and one to
one support for young people aged 12-25 years
old, and for those who care about youth mental
health. To access our online and face-to-face supports visit jigsaw.ie

We are Jigsaw, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health
& we want you to start your journey with us at Revolution x Jigsaw.

Revolution X Jigsaw